Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Classic Landscape Lighting Design Brings Perfect Style

You're finally doing it: you're turning your ho-hum backyard into a picture-perfect area to relax or entertain. The right landscape outdoor lighting will make the transformation complete, so choose your outdoor lighting products carefully and have a space you'll be proud of.

As you consider your perfect landscape lighting design, there are several factors that come into play:

1) Style: Are you going for a classic look, something retro, contemporary or an eclectic mix? There are outdoor lighting products to satisfy any look you want. If you're going with a classic style, your landscape lighting design might have traditional designs like sconces that reflect soft light over a wide area. Contemporary landscape outdoor lighting may have more dramatic effects, making use of products such as spotlights or artisan fixtures.

2) Function: The lighting you choose will vary based on what it needs to do. Outdoor lighting products are often designed for specific purposes, such as illuminating walkways for safety. Choose landscape outdoor lighting fixtures that are appropriate to their intended use.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Residential Landscape Lighting
3) Ease of installation and maintenance: How easy is it to run electrical wiring to your desired location? You may want to look into solar landscape outdoor lighting options, or LED fixtures in areas where changing bulbs will be a challenge.

Creating the right outdoor ambiance requires some thinking and planning up front. If you think your choices through early on, you'll have your dream space before you know it!


  1. If it's in your budget you may want to consider hiring a professional landscape design company to install your pathway lighting.

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