Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lighting Options Abound For Your Landscape

Having the right outdoor landscape lighting can make all the difference in your backyard entertaining areas. Whether you go with lighting that's eclectic or want a very classical look, a high-quality landscape lighting consultant is well worth the cost – because redoing lighting that doesn't have the look you want can be messy, time-consuming, and expensive.

LED Landscape Lighting
You'll need to think about how you want your seating areas to be arranged. You want your family and friends to be dazzled by natural beauty, not blinded by poorly placed outdoor landscape lighting and you don't want that lighting to be hot to the touch (residential LED lighting is a good choice when considering the latter). Sit down with your consultant and plan where your seating areas will be, so you can be sure that your lighting fits with where people will most likely be standing or sitting.

As mentioned above, residential LED lighting is a good choice for its cool-to-the-touch light. It's also versatile—it can be used as a direct spotlight or to provide a softer, more diffused glow and can really enhance your outdoor landscape lighting. LED lights are also available in nearly any color of the spectrum, and they're both cost-effective and energy efficient. They're not the right choice in every application, but they are being used more and more, and with good reason.

Your landscape lighting consultant will discuss the various lighting options available to you and work with you to decide what best fits with your budget and vision.