Thursday, 29 November 2012

Install Energy Efficient Solar Lighting Fixtures

Solar Lighting
Colder weather is on the way, but that shouldn't stop you from planning your landscape lighting system for the spring! Take advantage of the “let's stay in” weather by getting to know your low voltage lighting options or solar lighting landscape options.

Outdoor lighting is often overlooked, but it's an integral part of a beautiful outdoor space. How well lit are your walkways and pathways? Solar lighting landscape options include walk-on pavers, traditional post lights, and many others. There should be enough light to see the path clearly but not so much that it overpowers your hardscape elements. In short, make sure your lighting design fits with your overall landscape aesthetics.

Another benefit to solar lighting landscape fixtures is their energy efficiency and ease of installation. The solar panel gathers sunlight and transfers it as energy to the fixtures, leaving no need to run electrical wiring. Some solar fixtures even have built-in solar panels, meaning there aren't any wires at all!

For areas that require more “oomph” than solar lights often provide, a landscape lighting system often makes use of the versatility provided by low voltage lighting. It's easy to install because the cable can be run without or without using conduits, and it junction boxes aren't necessary. Transformers make the ease complete: there's little risk of electrical shock. Low voltage lighting fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and applications and a landscape professional can help you choose just the right output and look for your space.

Checking out your options now will get you ahead of the game for your spring landscape lighting system plans.